Technical Data

General specifications
Switching element function PNP NO
Rated operating distance s
n 4 mm
Installation non-flush
Operating voltage U
B 10 ... 30 V
Switching frequency f 0 ... 1000 Hz
Voltage drop U
d 3 V
Operating current I
L 0 ... 100 mA
Off-state current I
r 0 ... 0.5 mA typ. 0.1 µA at 25 °C
No-load supply current I
0 10 mA
Time delay before availability t
v 5 ms
Constant magnetic field B 200 mT
Alternating magnetic field B 200 mT
Switching state indicator LED, yellow
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd 1740 a
Mission Time (T
M) 20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC) 0 %
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -25 ... 70 °C (-13 ... 158 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Connection type cable PVC , 0.6 m
with ESCHA cable connector M8 x 1
Core cross-section 0.14 mm
Housing material PPS
Compliance with standards and directives
Standard conformity
Standards EN 60947-5-2:2007
IEC 60947-5-2:2007
Approvals and certificates
UL approval cULus Listed, General Purpose

Output polarity DC
Assured operating distance s
a 0 ... 3.24 mm
Reduction factor r
Al 0.4
Reduction factor r
Cu 0.3
Reduction factor r
304 0.7
Nominal ratings
Reverse polarity protection reverse polarity protected
Short-circuit protection pulsing
Sensing face PPS
Degree of protection IP67
CSA approval cCSAus Listed, General Purpose
CCC approval CCC approval / marking not required for products rated
36 V