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WinCC Scada Training

In this training program, the participant will have the opportunity to visualize the program he developed in PLC using the SCADA system on the computer screen. It will be able to control the machine operated by PLC on the computer, and carry the information requested in the PLC to the computer screen.

Required prior knowledge

Basic level PLC and electrical control knowledge will be an advantage.

Target group

Assembly, maintenance and operation personnel, design technical staff and engineers.


Giving basic information about data communication (DAQ)
Introduction to visual programming
Scada-PLC communication methods
Introducing WinCC SCADA program
Project creation stages, function keys
The concept of tag, graphic image page design and animation, online tables
Creating an alarm list (alarm logging), reporting module and report design
Advanced functions and simple script examples
Interactive running of WinCC and Simatic Manager programs
Making online applications with WinCC

2 days

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