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Fundamental S7-1200 PLC Training

In this training program, the participant will be able to do basic programming using the S7-1200 PLC.

Required prior knowledge

General information about PLC technique.

Target group

Foremen, technicians, technical teachers, engineers, designers, maintenance technicians and engineers.


Number systems and addressing structure in PLC programming
TIA Portal programming languages ​​(LAD, STL, FBD, ..)
Hardware structure of S7 1200 PLCs
Introduction of TIA programming software and project creation
Installing the program to PLC with PC - PLC interface settings and hardware
Programming and application with logic functions
Program writing and application with memory functions
Program writing and application with timers and counters
With TIA Portal software
- Program backup
- Importing the program in the CPU (Upload)
- CPU and program encryption
- Using clock memory
- Creating a Watch Table and Force it
Using the Cross References table
- Retentive settings
- Language settings made and applied, etc.
Basic level S7 1200 PLC program applications

2 days

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