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Advanced S7-1200, KTP 700 PLC Training

In this training program, the participant will be able to do advanced programming and analog control by using S7-1200 PLC.

Required prior knowledge

Attended to Basic Level and Intermediate Level trainings or having sufficient knowledge about the related subjects.

Target group

Foremen, technicians, technical teachers, engineers, designers, maintenance technicians and engineers.


Structured programming;
- OBs
- FCs
- FBs
- DBs
Functioning of program blocks
Digital operations;
- Transport
- Comparison
- Mathematical operations
- Scrolling and rotating operations
- Convert data types, etc.
Processing of analog signals
Using error and interrupt OBs
Real time clock applications
Using a quick counter
Control programs and PID function
Indirect addressing
Advanced S7 1200 PLC program applications.

2 days

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